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We can unfortunately no longer accept further applications at the moment. You can find a list of Au Pair agencies in Spain at www.agenciasaupairaepa.es who will be happy to help you.

Au Pair Conecta has created a new space for our testimonials. You can now learn more about our programs through the reports and letters of our former Au Pairs and host families, who will talk about their experiences and impressions. Following you will find some of our testimonials. If you are interested in sending us your report, you can contact our team via email (info@aupairconecta.com) and simply send us your letter with some photos, if possible.

Julia tells us her experience as Summer Au Pair in Córdoba

Hi! I'm Julia and I'm a Summer Au Pair. I am absolutely happy with my experience as an Au Pair, it has been an amazing experience. I cannot believe it's already over, time has gone by so fast! I have never had a more fantastic and incredible experience, that's for sure.

It has been a great opportunity for me to learn about another culture, other customs and traditions and, of course, another language.


My host family lives in Córdoba and has a beautiful girl named Maya. It is a very international family because the father is French and the mother is Italian, so I besides learning about Spanish culture, I was able to learn more from others as well. My family has treated me very well and during my stay in Spain, and I felt comfortable and safe all the time with them. If there were any difficulties with the child, my family would advise me what to do. I have been very lucky with them, and I cannot thank them enough for this wonderful experience. For me, the most complicated thing is the difference between our cultures, but as time went by,  I got used to everything and all the doubts and difficulties disappeared. You have to be patient and work actively on your problems. As I said before, talking to your family will solve any doubt you may have.


I've always tried to be very creative. I love crafts and Maya and I have spent the whole summer doing things. If you are going to be an Au Pair I would advise you to be creative. You can get inspired by watching some videos and tutorials on YouTube and you'll see how kids love it!


One very important thing I really liked was the opportunity to travel. During my stay in Spain, I visited many cities and towns, which broaden my mind and opened up new worlds for me.  Also, during this period the team of Au Pair Conecta helped me a lot. They were interested in my Spanish life and advised me on several things. This has helped me not to feel alone at any time.


I hope to be able to participate in this program again next year!

Thank you very much from Belarus!


Gabrielle - A great Au Pair Summer Experience in Spain

My time in Spain was amazing and Au Pair Conecta helped to find me a great Family. Totally worth going! I was in Madrid for two and a half months in summer time.
It was hot but wonderful at the same time. It takes you a bit to get used to the different culture ... for example the different times for eating meals like 10pm at night! Really crazy but as I love tapas it´s OK! It was great to be able to really experience the Spanish culture first hand!
My host Family really welcomed me with open arms and we still keep in touch they will always be apart of my life! 

Yessss ... I would do it again and again! Beeing a Summer Au Pair is a great experience. If you decide to be an Au Pair I sugest you to come by an agency. The Au Pair Conecta Team was close to me at any moment and I felt really comfortable!



An Interview with Madlen, one of our Au Pairs in Spain!

Where are you from and how old are you?

I’m from Germany and I’m 19 years old.

Why did you want to come to Spain as an au pair and not with a different type of program?

My whole life, I’ve loved the idea of living in another country and learning the language, but I didn’t want to be alone. I knew that I wanted a connection with a family so that I could get to know the culture and traditions from an inside perspective. I also have to add that I really like taking care of children and spending time with them. That’s why I chose the Au Pair Program, so that I could get to know the language, culture, and have a cultural exchange with a family: I can teach them things about my culture and I can learn about Spanish culture. Because of that, the Au Pair Program was the best fit for me. Even more than the cultural experience, I help the family, receive my weekly pay, and I have a lot of free time to do other things.

What does the au pair program offer you that other programs don’t?

Well, a little bit of what I commented earlier, but especially for me it was very important to not start this adventure alone. You arrive to the country and you have a family waiting for you, a house, your bedroom or little apartment.  You eat dinner with the family, sometimes you eat breakfast with them, and sometimes you spend the weekend with them. You always have relationships; a second family in another country… and you get to spend time with children, and if you like children, it’s marvelous!

Each person needs to decide which program is the best fit for them when they decide they want to spend a year abroad. Some people prefer a year of volunteering and others prefer Work and Travel… they’re different programs and they’re also very cool.

Why did you decide to use an au pair agency to find a family and not just through the internet?

I never thought of coming to Spain without an agency. With an agency, there’s more certainty and security. You have an agreement signed and the agency helps arrange things for you. You receive emails and offers from families who like your profile from the agency. It’s an exchange because the families have your profile and you have their profiles, so you can make a good decision based on the information provided. (Such as work hours, type of responsibilities with the children and in the house, vacation time, and you can see pictures of the house and the family.) It’s a very comfortable and secure search. This exchange is arranged by the agency, and you also know that you will be paid a certain amount. The agency will also give you advice if you have doubts or problems.  If you have to leave the family, the agency will be involved and ensure that you and the family have enough time to make other arrangements (usually two weeks).  Also, if you and the family have problems, the agency can help you resolve the issues or find a new family. You talk to the agency and explain what happened, and they will look for a new family for you.

Why did you want to come to Spain?

Three years ago, I did an exchange program with my school between Germany and Spain, and I lived in Almería, which is also in the Andalusia region (like Seville). I became friends with a student there and we got along really, really well! We still stay in touch and every year, I visit her in Spain or she visits me in Germany. We write to each other and this friendship, I don’t know, started the flame, to improve my Spanish. Also, I love Spain and the people here. They’re very open, and I like their lifestyle-- how there are always people in the streets walking or sitting at cafes. I love the life here. The people, the food, everything… so, I chose Spain.

When did you start your au pair position and when will it end?

I left Germany on August 20th and then I visited my friend in Almería until August 31st. Then I went to my host family’s beach house before coming to Sevilla. I’ll return to Germany at the end of May, so that will be 9 months with my Spanish family.

What do you like the most about being an au pair? What do you like least?

It’s hard to say what I like the most about being an au pair because there are so many things I like, and there isn’t one part I like more than the others! I like living with the family and playing with the daughter. I like seeing how the daughter develops every day because she changes a lot. No day is the same for her, and I really like seeing that. I also like spending the weekends with the family and seeing how they live. I learn a lot just by spending time with them and also seeing what other families do. I can see things that are very similar to my country, as well as things that are very different. There’s always something new and you learn a lot. I don’t know, it’s hard to pick one. I also like that I get to know a lot of other people from other countries, especially other au pairs. We have similar experiences as au pairs and I can talk to them about a lot of things.

What I don’t like… I don’t know. I really don’t know. Well, you’ll have good days and bad days. Sometimes you don’t feel like doing something, but this is just something in the moment and it doesn’t last long.

How was your arrival to Spain and to your host family?

Well, I had visited my friend in Almería and then spent time with the family for a few days at the beach. My arrival was really cool! They picked me up at the bus station with a “Welcome!” sign and there was a little gift on my bed and the family welcomed me with smiles. The daughter was a little nervous, like me. Then we went to dinner together. I felt very comfortable with the family from the first minute.

How were your first few weeks of being an au pair? Did you miss your family?

Before being an au pair, I had never spent so much time away from home. It’s almost a whole year outside of my country. It’s different from just one month or a summer. The feeling of being away for so long was a little different for me. Of course I miss my family and my friends, but I think it’s normal. In the beginning, I wasn’t used to my bedroom, the family, the city… or anything, really. (Laughs) But with time, everything gets better. You get to know the family better, you make friends, you go to language classes and you begin to create a daily life. When you have a daily life, it’s better than in the beginning, which is a little hard. But it’s not like you’ll spend all day crying in the beginning. I was happy at the start, but you need a little bit of time to get settled. For me, because Germany and Spain aren’t that far apart, I could visit my family and spend time with them during Christmas vacation. My friends and family also visited me here in Spain and it was really fun to show them everything!

You take care of a little girl. What do you do with her? What are your responsibilities?

I take care of a five-year-old girl. I sometimes pick her up from school, make her snacks, and take her to the park or to her activities (such as swimming) during free time. After her activities, I play with her in the house. Whatever she wants, really. (Laughs) We play school, dolls, games like Memory, and we do puzzles and crafts. We also play gymnastics, which she loves! Afterwards, we eat dinner together with the family. Sometimes I make her dinner if the parents are out. I also help out with chores like ironing or washing dishes… really basic things around the house.

What do you do in your free time in Seville when you’re not working as an au pair?

Twice a week, I go to Spanish classes in the morning. You can go to classes every day, but right now I just go twice a week. I work out a lot and volunteer in an elderly residence center. Twice a week, I spend time with an elderly woman in the residence center and we get along very well. I also spend time with my friends. I work in the afternoons during the week, so I have the entire morning free. During the weekends I sometimes go on trips or excursions.

What trips have you gone on or do you have planned?

I went to Salamanca and Madrid with some friends. I also went to Jerez, which is a little bit closer… Cádiz and Córdoba. I also spent some weekends with the family visiting smaller towns around Seville in the countryside or at the beach. Last weekend I went to Lisbon, Portugal with my language school for three days. I’d also like to go to Morocco and maybe Granada or Málaga.

What is your favorite part about Spain?

Well, it’s hard to say my favorite part about Spain because I pretty much only know the Andalusia region and I haven’t spent much time in other areas, aside from a few days in Madrid and Salamanca. But what I like is that there’s a lot of energy. I don’t know if it’s a fact, but I think that in Andalusia the people are more open and they spend more time in the streets (at cafes and such) because it’s so sunny here. It’s just my impression, but I think the people here are a little more relaxed and calm. I don’t know other regions very well, but I do know Andalusia and I like it a lot.

What will you miss the most when you return to Germany in May?

A lot. Life here is very different than in Germany. I’m going to miss living in a big city because in Germany, I live in a small town. I like living in a small town too, of course, but sometimes I think I like cities more. Things are more convenient and the stores are closer. Of course, I’ll miss the family, especially the daughter. I’ve spent a lot of time with them, and I won’t be able to see the daughter develop or live with them. I’m part of the family. I’ll also miss my friends here because I won’t be able to see them every day. And the weather too… here it’s really sunny and the temperature every day is much higher than in Germany. I love the sun, and it’s often rainy and cold in Germany. Also, when you’re in your home country, you don’t say every weekend, “I’m going to another city,” or “I’m going to Morocco this weekend.” You don’t travel as much in your home country, so I’m going to miss visiting other places.

What is your favorite memory of your experience up to this point?

Really, it’s the experience overall. You see things differently and you get another point of view. I’ve loved becoming part of the family and getting to know other people. I don’t have a specific memory that’s my favorite. It’s a little bit of everything overall.

What advice do you have for people who are thinking about being an au pair?

I recommend that they think about what they want. That they think about where they want to live. If it’s very important to you to live close to the beach or if you prefer two children instead of one, or if you don’t want to take care of more than three children. You should have in mind your idea of what you want your experience to be. You’re going to live with the family for a long time, and if you already know before you start that you can’t imagine taking care of four children and living in a small village, don’t do it. You should have an idea of what you want beforehand… although the interview with the family can change your preconceived notions and can influence your decision. The important thing is to think about your decision and to be sure about it.

What advice do you have for new au pairs? 

I recommend that you go to a language school if you’re interested. If you already have a high level in the language, it might not be necessary. But for me, it’s a way to connect with other people and have opportunities to travel. It’s very important. Also, get out of the house some so you’re not alone… don’t wait for someone else to call you. I think it’s important to make friends because you can’t spend all your time with the family! Yes, the family is very friendly, but it’s also important that you have free time and you do different things to develop yourself and have your own life. I believe it’s necessary to have friends your age who you can talk to and spend time with.

Would you recommend the Au Pair Program to other young people?

Yes, of course! For me, it has been an unforgettable experience!

Interview with Madlen (from Germany), who is currently an Au Pair in Seville, Spain. Interview conducted by Allie (from the United States), who is an intern at our agency, Au Pair Conecta.







Paula and her experience as an Au Pair during the Summer.


My name is Paula and I am 18 years old. A couple of weeks ago I returned and today I miss my British family.
I was an Au Pair in Bungay, Norwich, it is located in the northeast of London that I did not even know existed. It is a beautiful city and is a dream, all of the buildings are old and beautiful.
I was in Bungay for a month and a week and I did not feel like it was even been a month because the time passed so fast. My family was really nice and cared about me. Since the moment I arrived they wanted me to be a part of their family and welcomed me in. I am really lucky because they were fantastic.
The daughter was also incredible from the beginning. When they picked me up at the airport we were playing and joking around. She is a sweet girl who I care a lot about even after such a short time with her. I felt more like a big sister then a nanny or Au Pair. I think the best part of the experience by far was us learning together and seeing her grow.
My job consisted of me being with the little girl from 9:00 in the morning to 3:00 in the afternoon while the mother worked, but I was with her most of the day if not all. I did not mind though because I enjoyed spending time with her and we were able to do lot of fun things. Also, I had the opportunity to help with their horses.
I am grateful for all of the opportunities since the moment I arrived. They let me have off when I wanted and I got to meet great people. They cared so much about me it was as if they were my parents, it was really nice. I also had the opportunity to visit London with them and it was incredible. We went during the weekend and took a ferry. While we were there we visited many museums.
I had always wanted to leave the country and practice my English because I love the language, but I did not expect how nervous I would be a few days before I left. The experience was as stepping stone in my life and has had a lasting effect. I got on the plane and did not look back; I had faith and it was one of the most enriching experiences of my life. I was fortunate enough to be with a family that cared about me like a daughter, I got to know the sites of the city, and meet people that I fell in love with. I was surrounded by an amazing culture that I was fascinated with since the first day.
I encourage you to become an Au Pair if you want to; even if it might make you a little nervous, because it is worth it. You will see things in a different perspective and grow as a person. There is no doubt that I want to do it next year.
Lastly, I want to say thank you to Au Pair Conecta for helping me find a family at the last minute, when I thought it might not be possible. Thank you for making it possible for me to have this incredible experience.

Advice from Matthias

Dear future aupair,

my name is Matthias, I am 20 years old and I am the actual aupair of a family in Seville, until now for round about 9 months and I would like to share with you now some of my experiences about my life here in Spain and especially in this family.

I live here since 5th of September and I really feel comfortable in this family ! For me personally, there could not be any better host family in the world.
Now some things about my daily schedule:
I normally, from Monady to Friday, wake up the boys (well, often my host parents do this) at 7 am, prepare them their breakfast and their sandwiches for school and make sure that they are ready until quarter to 8 to leave the house.

Afterwards, I make their beds and then, usually, I have time off until 14:30 pm, so until mealtime, and I am free to do whatever I want to.

At round about half past two, I take care of the lunch, set the table, so all the normal stuff that belongs to lunch.
The boys come at 3 pm, than we directly eat and after, they have (if there is not too much work to do) time off until 4 pm, and they can relax some time – I usually play Fifa on the Xbox with Rodrigo.
At 4 pm, we start working, which means that we start doing the homeworks, that they have, and after study something for their exams, all the normal school stuff.
Since both play piano, they have to dedicate themselves every day to playing piano for 15 minutes, on which you have an eye.

It always depends on how much work they have and if there are possible exams for when we finish, and, of course, how much they feel like doing homework ;-)

After finishing, we sometimes play something or they can do whatever they want, for instance watching tv.

Furthermore, both have extracurricular activities (football, gymnastics, music lessons) and you always have to make sure that both leave the house punctually.
With the boys, you always speak in English – but since both speak really well, there will not be big problems to communicate.

Your other duties are helping to keep the household, for example to unload the dishwasher – so your tasks are definitively not exaggerated.

Now something about my family: This family is the biggest luck that you might have if you are looking for a possible host family in Spain.

The boys, from time to time, are some stubborn – but to be honest, this is what every child in its puberty is like, even I was.
If you got to know these two once and you get to know each other for a little more time, you absolutely can work with them and have fun doing this. Both are sympathic, likeable,  funny and entertaining boys with whom you really can have a great time.

My host parents became in this time now something like my second parents. If I have any doubt, I do not need to hesitate to ask them for a favour. Both are really likeable, funny, open-minded and open-hearted persons, whom you definitively are going to like.
Furthermore, if you have any doubt about the Spanish language, you directly can ask them all your questions and they are going to explain your doubts.

All in all, like you might already imagine, reading the text until now, I really enjoy my time here and this is not to crawl or just to write some good sentences about this family, but every word is meant to be the truth.

Our village Castilleja de Guzmán or in general the town of Seville is one of the most amazing places I have ever visited. All the people here are friendly, open-minded and always willing to help you in every situation.

My host family always integrates me into every conversation or evening that we spend in another house of friends or whatever, so I never feel like I would not belong to them.

To come to an end, I just can tell you, that have spent a fantastic time here with my new second family, that I always will remember this time, that I would recommend this family to every possible aupair without any doubts, and that, if I was another time in this situation to search a host family, I would accept this one without one moment of hesitation.



Julia, German Au Pair in Sevilla

From the beginning I really felt at home in my hostfamily. Immediately they gave me the feeling of being welcomed and a part of the family without proving one´s worth. That was really great and relieving for me especially after my negative experience in my previous family. Through their warmherted, relaxed, and open-minded way towards me my tensions eased quickly and I noticed that my liguistic skills in spanish improved clearly beacause they included me better in the conversations. I has a really good relation to my hostparents Sonia and Francisco in my opinion "communication" is the key and the basic to create a stable foundation. I have to admit, sometimes it wasn´t easy to please everybody. For example in matters of the household. Everybody got their habits and is accustomed to a special way and everybody does things in one´s way. I could connect with Isabel and Maria pretty quickly. Maybe becuase they reminded me a bit of myself and my little sister. Of course they were testing their limits on me and sometimes pretending to be deaf. It goes along with repeating yourself countless times and looking after them like a hot bundle of joy trying to break out. Nevertheless, I think both are really bright, intelligent, affectionate, and created with a sweet heart. I really am attached to them!

Cúrdula´s Experience as Au Pair in Barcelona

I’m now in Spain since 8 month and I’m very pleased with my host family. Looking back to the first days over here I had some trouble getting used to the new environment. I had to talk a foreign language, I had to get to use to a new climate, new people, a new daily routine, new food and a lot more things that were totally new for me. The good thing about it was that my host family constantly supported me in getting through all of that.


They introduced me to people they know to help me finding friends and by the way I have a lot of free time to meet them. In addition they supported me finding a school to get into a language class. I actually wanted to study some castellan but in the end I decided to participate a catalan class because nearly everyone here talks catalan even if they also know to talk in castellan. My family always talked to me in castellan because I basically wanted to learn this language but I automatically learned both languages.

Moreover my Spanish family showed me all the famous and beautiful places over here in Barcelona, Mataró and Argentona. That was very useful for me because I needed to orientate in all the unknown places. At the beginning they took me to the places by car until I knew the cities, then I took public transport to for example get to Mataró to language class.

But the most important thing is that I made an incredible experience carrying for the little girl, named Clara. She is 4 years old and a very lively person. My daily routine is clothing her in the morning and preparing her breakfast. Her mother always takes her to school in the morning and later at 12:30 o’clock I pick her up from school and prepare her dinner. At 15:00 o’clock I usually take her back to school where I have to pick her up again at 16:30 o’clock. Some days she also has some after school activities like dancing, music or gymnastics from 5 to 6 o’clock.

At the weekends I usually have free time to go out and meet friends, even if sometimes I have to stay home to look after Clara when they have plans. But all in all I have a settled daily routine and time for myself and if I had plans that didn’t fit in that routine it never posed a problem to arrange things differently.

I had an incredible time looking after Clara because she is a very lovely and happy child who needs a lot of attention and love and I enjoyed giving that to her. For me it has been amazing getting introduced to her small world and I’m lucky to building now a part of it.

Summing up I can totally recommend going abroad doing an Au-pair year because it’s a unique opportunity to collect some incredible experiences and memories. But above all I’m lucky living in such a loving and adorable family. From the first day on I felt warmly welcomed by family and friends and they gave me a second home over here in Spain. 

Loren as Demi Au Pair in Seville (Spain)

Wow, where to start. The past month has been exhausting, but I could not be happier! I am living with a family as a Demi Au Pair while studying at Seville University as an Erasmus Student for 5 months (February - July), and it’s going great! Typically, I do 12 hours a week of ‘au pair-ing’, 5 hours teaching Belén English (she’s the mother of the family and one of the nicest people I will ever meet), 5 hours teaching Ariane English (a very sweet 3 and a half year old) and 2 hours ironing – they asked for help around the house and that’s what I chose.
First of all, I am going to talk a bit about the family. I am repeatedly told how lucky I am to be in this situation, and I realise that not everyone who opts for living with a family at the same time as studying has it like this, but this I why I would recommend going through an agency rather than on your own; they matched my needs perfectly. For anybody who is planning to go on a year abroad to learn the language/experience the culture, I could not recommend it more. Before I came to Seville, the family were completely aware that University was a priority and my English lessons fit around that, they usually invite me with them on weekends away, though they are perfectly fine with me staying at home if I prefer. They are also open to me having a friend come to visit, as long as I ask beforehand, which seems very reasonable to me, and my boyfriend has even come to stay too! When they are here in Seville on Sundays we have been going to explore the city with their friends and family – the Spanish people welcome you like no others.

Before living in Spain, I was an Erasmus Student in France for 4 months. I had a great time, but after living on my own and having mostly Anglophones as my closest friends, I was ready for a change. Regardless of the family, integration with the locals is very easy to do here if you want to. I have a lot of Spanish friends here, and I really feel like I’m experiencing what the Year Abroad is all about. It really is a language and culture exchange, as I am like a sponge with my cuadernito ready to jot down any new colloquial expressions they have for me, and they’re passionate about England, and our way of life. The university is quite different from Avignon’s, as I only do 4 subjects (rather than 10!) but somehow manage to be in for 18 hours a week!
I would really recommend being a demi-au pair: this feels like my second home already, I love the family and the exchange complements my studies perfectly.  As you can see, I do not have the same duties as a typical au pair - I have a lot less to do – but it is not like I do my ‘hours’ and then go to my room, I like chatting to the family and generally being around the house. I am not paid, and instead am provided with a lovely room with an en-suite, and food is included too. This works very well for a student like me, as flat-sharing or private residences can be expensive, and most of my student loan goes on food and travelling, so now I have more funds to explore Spain!

Testimony of Mari Angeles as Au Pair in England

Hi Belén and Carolin,

I have been wanting to write earlier, but have been so busy, opening a bank account and studying English that I hardly had time to check my emails and get back to you.Au Pair Maria Angeles en Londres 

So now I will update you a bit on my situation. I am super happy with my host family!! You have probably noticed.

It´s the perfect family, they treat me so nicely, the host mother supports me a lot and the kids are very well mannered and hard-working little chaps. They help a lot in the house and never argue with me. Maybe it´s due to their age, as they are a bit older already. The family pays me the public transport and my monthly mobile expenses.

My job is to do the school runs and stay with the children in the afternoons until the mum comes home. The oldest child is 13 years old, so I don´t have to help with the school runs in this case. She is very mature and responsible and I hardly have to take care of her at all. I prepare dinner usually every night and I clear the kitchen and do the beds. I don´t really have much housework to do, compared to other Au Pairs and the family always thanks me for any helñing hand I offer. As it seems, my English has improved a lot since I arrived and I can now maintain longer conversations!

At the very beginning George was very shy and didn´t really want to speak to me, but by now there is hardly any day where he doesn´t want to play with me, which makes me very happy...
My host mother always tells me how happy she is with my work and that she was right to choose me, even though my English was very basic. She appreciates me being a positive and open person.
I was talking to the former Nanny of my host children today, as she is now working with another family who have their children at the same school, and we both agreed on how wonderful this family is. They are patient and nice to everybody!!
I really am so happy and can assure you that I do recommend your agency to everybody I talk to, as you have always had such an efficient and nice way of attending my personal needs, which I appreciate a lot. Thanks for finding this family for me!!
Thanks for your work and support. I will write again soon!

Summer Au Pair Lorena in Cornwall-England (Great Britain)

Dear all!
My stay as Au Pair during the summer was with a family in Cornwall, England. I went over to the UK for two months this past summer, and even though the family had told me before hand that we were going to see different places in the area, I would have never dreamt of visiting so many different places and exciting sites!!
The village I lived in was called Helston and it was a rather small place, but as I said, we moved around so much, that we hardly spend much time at home. The host family was very open from the first moment and always invited me to join them, if I wanted, also in my free time. I don´t even know where to start to tell you about all our trips: Paradise Park, Eden Project, Swimming pools, Water-adventure parks, farms, all sorts of different beautifu villages and towns around. We went camping, out for dinners, excursions etc. And all that in the great and  wonderful company of 9-year old Tommy abd 3-year old Caelan.
The most important thing to mention regarding all these activities is probably that I always felt as part of the family and fully integrated. I never felt as someone employed by the family, but as another member, and this made me very happy, as it was what I had been looking for. When you are a young person who comes to live together with a family abroad with another language and different cultural background, it can be a bit scary and nerve-wrecking at the beginning. Therefore I was so lucky, that they made me feel so comfortable around them. Of course I did understand from the start, that I had to put my part into the program as well and establish a good relationship with the children to make it work. That´s why I put myself at total disposition to the family and every time they asked me to participate in an activity, I offered my help and asaitance, even though it was outside my official "working hours". 
The household duties were easy generally, as the family mainly wanted me to do childcare. But even though I think it is always good to offer a helping hand with washing the dishes, clear the dishwahser, hang up the clothes and set the tabe.... The time with the chidren, was mainy entertaining and playing in the garden, draw and paint, go for a walk to the park or a bikeride. We also went for lovely beach walks and discovering little villages in the surrounding. I used to pass the whole day with the family and the children, mornings and afternoons. My main help was needed during the afternoons and until bed-time. I was usually in charge of bathing them, changing them and getting them ready for bed. The parents however were always around to give me hand, if needed.
Being an Au Pair has made me see and learn about a different culture to the one I was brought up in. At the same time I was able to practice and improve my language knowledge and have an unforgetable experience with a wonderful family.
To become a new member of a famiy, it is important to be able to adapt yourself. In the end it´s the famiy, who offers you their home and their time.
I am keeping very beautiful memories from my trip and will hopefully inspire some new candidates who are thinking of going abroad in the future.