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Now our offices are located in San Eloy street, number 18-20, in the centre of Seville. We are situated in La Campana, the heart of the city. You can get here by: Bus. Buses that stop...
Tandem: a fun way to practise Spanish!
We know most of the Au Pairs go to Spanish classes to learn the language, but sometimes that is not enough to become fluent. Sometimes you need an extra activity that helps you push your limits and...


Julia tells us her experience as Summer Au Pair in Córdoba
Hi! I'm Julia and I'm a Summer Au Pair. I am absolutely happy with my experience as an Au Pair, it has been an amazing experience. I cannot believe it's already over, time has gone by so fast! I have never had a more fantastic and incredible experience, that's for sure. It has been a great opportunity for me to learn about another culture, other customs and traditions and, of course, another...

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