Are you placed in Seville? Come to Feria!

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Just right after Semana Santa (which we hope you enjoyed it!), the Feria de Abril of Sevilla is about to start. This year, it will be celebrated from Sunday 5th to 11th of May. We encourage you to go, as it is a very typical event from Sevilla that we are sure you will love! 


The Feria is inaugurated with the alumbrado, when the lights from the entrace are turned on. This is a very special moment as it means the start of the Feria. We recommend you stand near the entrance on Saturday 4th around midnight to live this amazing moment. During this night, it is also tradicional to eat pescaíto frito, or fried fish.

The origins of the Feria de Abril date back to 1846; however, at that time it had a mercantile character and peole usually went to buy and sell livestock. Over the years, the Feria has become one of the most important festivities in the city of Seville and it has become the most important social events of the year. Nowadays, during the week of Feria, over 1,200,000 m2 are set for this event and they are divided into three differentiated area: La Calle del Infierno, El Real de la Feria and the parking area. The Real is divided into fifteen streets named after important figures of bullfighting. The Real holds the most imporant part during Feria, as it is where the casetas (the stands) are installed. These casetas are usually private; however, there are also some public ones you can go to in case you do not know anyone in a private one. 


We attach some information below that we hope you will find useful:

- Sevillanas Express Course: Sevillanas are the typical dance of Seville, especially during the Feria. There are still many places that offer express courses to learn the basic steps of sevillanas. Although there are many schools that offer intensive courses, you can also contact private teachers (bailaores) on various websites to give you some classes.

- Flamenco dress rental: In case you cannot borrow any dress for the Feria, you can also rent one! You can find some information about dress rentals here, here and here. If you do not feel like renting a dress, don't worry! It is not mandatory to wear one, and in fact, many people don't. There are many girls who go without a flamenco dress, although we do recommend it, as it is a unique experience.

- Trends in flamenco dresses: Each year the

 Feria has different trends in dresses (long or short sleeve, different colours, etc.). In this article you will find some clues for this year's trends.

- Enganches Exhibition: On the first day of the Feria (Sunday, 5th May) an exhibition of Enganches (horse-drawn carriages) is held in the Plaza de Toros. We recommend you go, as it is a very pretty show to watch! If you are intersted, you should purchase the tickets (between 6 and 12 €) in advance either in El Corte Inglés (in Plaza del Duque or Nervión) or in the Plaza de Toros.


If you need any futher information, you can visit the official website of the Feria or this website, which will give you all the information you need about this amazing week in Seville.

If you are placed a bit far from Seville, maybe you could take a little trip here and enjoy the most typical week of the city. It is completely worth it!