Julia tells us her experience as Summer Au Pair in Córdoba

We can unfortunately no longer accept further applications at the moment. You can find a list of Au Pair agencies in Spain at www.agenciasaupairaepa.es who will be happy to help you.

Hi! I'm Julia and I'm a Summer Au Pair. I am absolutely happy with my experience as an Au Pair, it has been an amazing experience. I cannot believe it's already over, time has gone by so fast! I have never had a more fantastic and incredible experience, that's for sure.

It has been a great opportunity for me to learn about another culture, other customs and traditions and, of course, another language.


My host family lives in Córdoba and has a beautiful girl named Maya. It is a very international family because the father is French and the mother is Italian, so I besides learning about Spanish culture, I was able to learn more from others as well. My family has treated me very well and during my stay in Spain, and I felt comfortable and safe all the time with them. If there were any difficulties with the child, my family would advise me what to do. I have been very lucky with them, and I cannot thank them enough for this wonderful experience. For me, the most complicated thing is the difference between our cultures, but as time went by,  I got used to everything and all the doubts and difficulties disappeared. You have to be patient and work actively on your problems. As I said before, talking to your family will solve any doubt you may have.


I've always tried to be very creative. I love crafts and Maya and I have spent the whole summer doing things. If you are going to be an Au Pair I would advise you to be creative. You can get inspired by watching some videos and tutorials on YouTube and you'll see how kids love it!


One very important thing I really liked was the opportunity to travel. During my stay in Spain, I visited many cities and towns, which broaden my mind and opened up new worlds for me.  Also, during this period the team of Au Pair Conecta helped me a lot. They were interested in my Spanish life and advised me on several things. This has helped me not to feel alone at any time.


I hope to be able to participate in this program again next year!

Thank you very much from Belarus!