Testimony of Mari Angeles as Au Pair in England

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Hi Belén and Carolin,

I have been wanting to write earlier, but have been so busy, opening a bank account and studying English that I hardly had time to check my emails and get back to you.Au Pair Maria Angeles en Londres 

So now I will update you a bit on my situation. I am super happy with my host family!! You have probably noticed.

It´s the perfect family, they treat me so nicely, the host mother supports me a lot and the kids are very well mannered and hard-working little chaps. They help a lot in the house and never argue with me. Maybe it´s due to their age, as they are a bit older already. The family pays me the public transport and my monthly mobile expenses.

My job is to do the school runs and stay with the children in the afternoons until the mum comes home. The oldest child is 13 years old, so I don´t have to help with the school runs in this case. She is very mature and responsible and I hardly have to take care of her at all. I prepare dinner usually every night and I clear the kitchen and do the beds. I don´t really have much housework to do, compared to other Au Pairs and the family always thanks me for any helñing hand I offer. As it seems, my English has improved a lot since I arrived and I can now maintain longer conversations!

At the very beginning George was very shy and didn´t really want to speak to me, but by now there is hardly any day where he doesn´t want to play with me, which makes me very happy...
My host mother always tells me how happy she is with my work and that she was right to choose me, even though my English was very basic. She appreciates me being a positive and open person.
I was talking to the former Nanny of my host children today, as she is now working with another family who have their children at the same school, and we both agreed on how wonderful this family is. They are patient and nice to everybody!!
I really am so happy and can assure you that I do recommend your agency to everybody I talk to, as you have always had such an efficient and nice way of attending my personal needs, which I appreciate a lot. Thanks for finding this family for me!!
Thanks for your work and support. I will write again soon!