Testimonios Au Pair

Au Pair Conecta has created a new space for our testimonials. You can now learn more about our programs through the reports and letters of our former Au Pairs and host families, who will talk about their experiences and impressions. Following you will find some of our testimonials. If you are interested in sending us your report, you can contact our team via email (info@aupairconecta.com) and simply send us your letter with some photos, if possible.

Estefania´s testimony from England


Dear Team at Au Pair Conecta!!
I am sending you many greetings from England! Having a great time here! My host-family is absolutely lovely!! They do everything to make me feel at home; my host-mother and the children are very sweet and caring and they also respect very much my privacy and free-time. They generally helped me a lot to integrate and adjust well to British lifestyleAu Pair en Londres: they helped me to pay my language course, they invited me to the London Colliseum to see a Ballett; they gave me a card so public transport would cost me less etc. My boyfriend came to see me, given that I had only 4 days off and couldn´t come down to Spain, and as the family was going away a couple of days (and Hotels in London are really so expensive), they offered us to stay at the house and they invited us to Dinner with the entire family. When my host-mother want skiing in France for some days she came back with a present for me and she always shows so much detail to everything!!
In May I will be going to Spain for 10 days.
The family has told me that they would love me to stay longer and that they are very happy with me as their Au Pair!!
That´s why I will extend my stay until christmas. In September I will fly home to my sister´s wedding and they have already said "we will help you with your ticket, but we really want you to come back and stay with us"!! I am so happy!
It really is the best host-family I could have ever met!!
Sometimes I cook Spanish recipes for them such as Tortilla or Solomillo and they love it. 
As I have told you before, my room is like a little apartment: I have my own TV, DVD, a Sofa, a dressing room, an own bathroon and my own fridge!! it´s really fantastic!! To feel totally at home!! 
I was very lucky.
There are many other Au Pairs in my area, and we do a lot of things together and meet up frequently! Oxted is a very rich place, very close to us lives Mohamed Fayed!!
The photo, which I am sending you, was taken on one of my excusions to London, which is just at a 30 minute trainride!! So I am really well connected as well.
A big hug from the UK,


Leona as Au Pair in Spain

If I could have chosen a city to live in as an Au Pair, I had always wished it was Seville. Being a big enough city to have a huge cultural offer, it is well connected and close to the sea. That´s why I was very happy when my local Au Pair agency told me about their partner Au Pair Conecta, through whom I found my host family. I had been wanting for years to go abroad after finishing school to learn Spanish and get to know the Spanish culture.

The possibility to work as Au Pair seemed perfect to me. Not only because you share a daily family life with a Spanish family and therefore are forced to learn the language, but also because you DO actually HAVE a family who you belong to being abroad. For me it was important to have this family and feel safe and protected. Of course it was also important to know that in any case of emergency, there is always an agency backing you up. In this sense I really appreciated the support of Au Pair Conecta. They helped me especially at the beginning to find my way around in the city, to meet other Au Pairs (who I made really good friends with) and to find a good language school. They also guided me regarding my integration into the family and into my job and duties as Au Pair and they gave me a lot of tips for my free-time activities in Seville.

To tick off the boxes on my application form about which household duties I could do was initially easier than actually achieving them. But after a couple of weeks I got used to everything, and actually had fun at cooking and ironing. Apart of my household duties I obciously spent a lot of time with sweet little Ariane, my three-year-old Au Pair child.

I especially enjoyed the first couple of months, actually much more than I would have imagined. There were so many new impressions! The language school CLIC was a lot of fun and I met new friends quickly. I really loved the weekend trips we did. One of them led us to Marroco and it was amazing!

My host family took me along to a lot of family get-togethers, cooking Paella and eperiencing real Andalusian family-life!

I also attended a Flamenco-course, which was a challenging experience but a lot of fun. A friend of my host-family invited me to see a Bullfight and later on to join him to see a soccer match in the great futball stadium of Seville! These are only a few of my highlights, it was all wonderful and I enjoyed my stay as Au Pair to the fullest!

For New Year´s Eve my host family took me to Cordova to spend a week with the grandparents and the rest of the huge typical Andalusian family.

I never got bored in Seville. Whenever I had time off and no special plan, I just put on my running shoes or took my host mother´s bike and went off to explore the city with its millions of tiny little streets and shops. I loved the Orange trees and the colourful fassades of the houses...strolling through Seville´s streets is just wonderful and I never got enough of it!

For me it was definately the right decision to go abroad as Au Pair. Of course there were also ups and downs, which is normal, but in my case the „ups“ were, without any doubt, dominating my stay.

Donna From Glasgow in Conil as a Summer Au Pair

The summer I spent working for Au Pair Conecta was the best summer of my life! Au pairing is such a good way to discover a new culture and learn a language as you are thrown in toSummer Au Pair Donna in Spain the life of another family.

The family I stayed with were the nicest people I have ever met. They were so welcoming and made me feel right at home in their family, we spend our days at the beach, in the pool, at the park or visiting the nearby town. When I first arrived my Spanish was really rusty! I hadn't studied Spanish in at least 3 years but my family were so helpful and it improved really quickly. The kids were great and we had so much fun, it was a really great thing to be able to learn from each other's cultural differences and I really felt like I was helping the kids with their English it's such a rewarding experience!

Summer Au Pair in SpainAu Pair Conecta were fantastic! Belen and Carolin matched me with the perfect family and organised everything so well I felt at ease that there would be no problems. The family and I skyped before I left so we had already spoken but without the help of the agency I would never have been able to organise everything myself. It was actually my 21st birthday while I was away and although I had been apprehensive about missing it everyone made the day so special for me it was amazing! Working abroad is such a great experience and I'm so glad I chose to go with Au Pair conecta, I would definitely recommend it to anyone!!

Rebecca from Germany in Sevilla

My decision to become an Au Pair in Spain was taken after finishing school in Germany. I wanted to live abroad for some time before starting my university carrer. Au Pair Rebecca 2
My German Au Pair agency placed me in a family in Marbella at the beginning. Unfortunately I wasn´t very happy there and soon I knew that I wanted to change families. Thank God my Agency back home put me in contact with Au Pair Conecta in Seville. They took care of my case and within a couple of days I was placed in a new family. I could trust them 100%, which I am extremly thankful for, otherwise I would have been very lost in this situation. So finally I moved to Seville and enjoyed all the small little streets of this city, walking through the centre, where I lived. I love the little squares, where people gather, the beautiful parks and above all the climate, the light and the colours of Seville. Andalusias capital is full of life and it´s people are very friendly, chatty and caring. Seville and surroundings in general have so much culture to offer, so whoever likes and is interested in the Spanish culture, will surely love it!

The city has a lot of language schools for Spanish courses. Through Au Pair Conecta I heard about Clic, where I finally inscribed and finished my Spanish courses successfully. They have a huge offer for cultural activities, they organize trips and excursions on the weekends, and have weekly get togethers with all their students. Curso de español
Many weekends and also part of the summer I spent at my host families holiday house at the coastline of Cadiz. Quite a lot of the Spanish families in Andalusia have a second residence at the beach. Now this holiday house was always full of different members of my huge Andalusian host family, who I lived with and we had so much fun!!
During my free weekends I did a few trips with friends to get to know more of Spain and it´s neighbour countries. Like this I visited Tarifa, Granada, Madrid, Marbella, Cádiz and Conil de la Frontera. Apart of that I went to Tánger in Maroco and  Lissabon in Portugal.
Nevertheless it is not always easy being an Au Pair. You have to very patient, as I suppose kids who always behave well, don´t exist. But don´t get a fright: all effort is worth it, when you gain a little child´s heart in the end!
I really enjoyed my months in Spain to the maximum and improved my Spanish a lot! I learned so much for life in general, I travelled a lot through my host country and I will miss my Spanish family heaps!!!

Paola from Lima in Andalusia

Au Pair Paola en SevillaAfter finishing my university degree of German teaching in my home country, I decided to take a year off and travel to Spain, combining this adventure with the possibility to achieve experience working with children. To become an Au Pair turned out to be the perfect solution. The living together with a mixed family (Spanish/German) helped me to not only gain mauch experience with the children in general, but also to improve my German, which I had studied in Peru.

My experience as an Au Pair turned out to be fantastic! Especially to become so close to the spanish people and their children and to get to know the beautiful city of Seville. The Spaniards are very warm people. They made me feel at home from the very beginning. The love I received from my host family and their children was amazing and they helped me a lot in all sorts of life-situations. We had so much fun, telling us fairy tales of Spanish, German and Latinamerican origin. We walked the city many times, we travelled together and enjoyed all family activities together.

Au Pair Paola en la playa de CadizMy host children were like little brothers and sisters to me. I helped them with their homeworks, played with them in the afternoons, did bike trips together, tried out cooking recipies etc. For me it´s so nice to remember all these things from my time being an Au Pair.

Andalusia is beautiful all over the place, the beaches in Zahara de los Atunes, the cities of Cadiz and Malaga. I especially liked the active life in the streets of Seville, even at night there´s so much going on. People are always outside and fun and very friendly. They made my stay unforgettable in the end.

Thanks to the agency Au Pair Conecta, to their support and advice, I was able to meet other young people in the city and travel around Andalusia to see new places and get to know well the Spanish culture and mentality. All together it was an amazing adventure which I don´t want to miss out on. These memories will last a life-time!!!   

Katrin from Munich in Seville


Katrin con otras Au Pairs en Sevillabefore starting my university course last summer, I decided to take a break and spend some time in Spain as an Au Pair to improve my Spanish. At the beginning I didn´t really know how to organize my trip, if it was better to do it through a German or a Spanish agency. I only know that I wanted to be in the south of Spain, as I was really fascinated by the flamenco and the colours and light of Andalusia. Through a German Association I got in touch with "Au Pair Conecta" and met Belén and Carolin.

From the very start, when I contacted them through skype, I decided to organize my stay with their agency. During my whole time in Seville I felt so well looked after and hada lively contact to them, personally as well as over the phone. This gave me a lot of security and tranquility, because at the beginning it´s not that easy to get on a plane and go abroad to a new life and family without knowing the language that well.

Once the time of my departure arrived, everything was super organized: I was going to live right in the heart of the centre of Seville with my host family who consisted of a Spanish mother, a German father and sweet little Ariane of 13 months of age. During the conversations I had with my host family and the agency before arriving in Seville, we had already talked through and fixed lots of details. This way I had the feeling as if I already knew Seville, the family and the girls from the agency when I git to Spain.

Once I arrived I settled in faster than I thought. The agency as well as the family made me get to know the city during the first couple of weeks, helped me to get used to the daily life and customs of the family and especially the little girl I had to look after. Due to all this new input and information as well as the new language, the first couple of days were very intense. I have to admit that my Spanish skills were worse than I had thought. During my first week I visited the agency, first with my host mother, then on my own. There I received advice about first aid, flamenco classes, important contact details, medical care and general things you can do in Seville and surroundings. They gave me a welcome-dossier with lots of informtive content for me as well as for my host family. Furthermore they made an appointment at the language school for an inicial test to check my Spanish level and then start my course.

Au Pair Katrin con ArianeAfter a few days I started with my routine. My main duty was to look after Ariane. Apart of that I did the daily shopping at the market and two days a week I prepared lunch. In my spare time I took part in flamenco classes and assisted also a course of capoeira. Every morning I attended Spanish school, which was of great help to meet other young foreigners and Au Pairs who lived in my area. This way I easily integrated into the daily life of my host family and the rythm of Seville, a city full of life, colour and traditions.

I also took adventage of my stay to travel through Andalusia with my host family and occasionally with friends. I saw Córdoba, Granada, some of the villages around Seville and of course the beaches on the coastline..., something so beautiful and so close to Seville (only an hour away)!

To tell you the truth, my stay as an Au Pair has been totally rewarding and so enjoyable! I came back as a new person, with lots of new ideas. And of course my experience with little Ariane was something absolutely wonderful. I had so much fun with her, that now, as I´m studying medicine, I am focussing a lot on pediatrics. Last but not least I want to mention that I keep in touch with my host family a lot! They even came to see me in Munich last winter and if all goes well, I will be doing some work-experience in a hospital in Seville next summer! Best wishes from Germany, with lots of love to Belén and Carolin. Thanks for everything!