Advice from Matthias

Dear future aupair,

my name is Matthias, I am 20 years old and I am the actual aupair of a family in Seville, until now for round about 9 months and I would like to share with you now some of my experiences about my life here in Spain and especially in this family.

I live here since 5th of September and I really feel comfortable in this family ! For me personally, there could not be any better host family in the world.
Now some things about my daily schedule:
I normally, from Monady to Friday, wake up the boys (well, often my host parents do this) at 7 am, prepare them their breakfast and their sandwiches for school and make sure that they are ready until quarter to 8 to leave the house.

Afterwards, I make their beds and then, usually, I have time off until 14:30 pm, so until mealtime, and I am free to do whatever I want to.

At round about half past two, I take care of the lunch, set the table, so all the normal stuff that belongs to lunch.
The boys come at 3 pm, than we directly eat and after, they have (if there is not too much work to do) time off until 4 pm, and they can relax some time – I usually play Fifa on the Xbox with Rodrigo.
At 4 pm, we start working, which means that we start doing the homeworks, that they have, and after study something for their exams, all the normal school stuff.
Since both play piano, they have to dedicate themselves every day to playing piano for 15 minutes, on which you have an eye.

It always depends on how much work they have and if there are possible exams for when we finish, and, of course, how much they feel like doing homework ;-)

After finishing, we sometimes play something or they can do whatever they want, for instance watching tv.

Furthermore, both have extracurricular activities (football, gymnastics, music lessons) and you always have to make sure that both leave the house punctually.
With the boys, you always speak in English – but since both speak really well, there will not be big problems to communicate.

Your other duties are helping to keep the household, for example to unload the dishwasher – so your tasks are definitively not exaggerated.

Now something about my family: This family is the biggest luck that you might have if you are looking for a possible host family in Spain.

The boys, from time to time, are some stubborn – but to be honest, this is what every child in its puberty is like, even I was.
If you got to know these two once and you get to know each other for a little more time, you absolutely can work with them and have fun doing this. Both are sympathic, likeable,  funny and entertaining boys with whom you really can have a great time.

My host parents became in this time now something like my second parents. If I have any doubt, I do not need to hesitate to ask them for a favour. Both are really likeable, funny, open-minded and open-hearted persons, whom you definitively are going to like.
Furthermore, if you have any doubt about the Spanish language, you directly can ask them all your questions and they are going to explain your doubts.

All in all, like you might already imagine, reading the text until now, I really enjoy my time here and this is not to crawl or just to write some good sentences about this family, but every word is meant to be the truth.

Our village Castilleja de Guzmán or in general the town of Seville is one of the most amazing places I have ever visited. All the people here are friendly, open-minded and always willing to help you in every situation.

My host family always integrates me into every conversation or evening that we spend in another house of friends or whatever, so I never feel like I would not belong to them.

To come to an end, I just can tell you, that have spent a fantastic time here with my new second family, that I always will remember this time, that I would recommend this family to every possible aupair without any doubts, and that, if I was another time in this situation to search a host family, I would accept this one without one moment of hesitation.