Julia, German Au Pair in Sevilla

From the beginning I really felt at home in my hostfamily. Immediately they gave me the feeling of being welcomed and a part of the family without proving one´s worth. That was really great and relieving for me especially after my negative experience in my previous family. Through their warmherted, relaxed, and open-minded way towards me my tensions eased quickly and I noticed that my liguistic skills in spanish improved clearly beacause they included me better in the conversations. I has a really good relation to my hostparents Sonia and Francisco in my opinion "communication" is the key and the basic to create a stable foundation. I have to admit, sometimes it wasn´t easy to please everybody. For example in matters of the household. Everybody got their habits and is accustomed to a special way and everybody does things in one´s way. I could connect with Isabel and Maria pretty quickly. Maybe becuase they reminded me a bit of myself and my little sister. Of course they were testing their limits on me and sometimes pretending to be deaf. It goes along with repeating yourself countless times and looking after them like a hot bundle of joy trying to break out. Nevertheless, I think both are really bright, intelligent, affectionate, and created with a sweet heart. I really am attached to them!