Gabrielle - A great Au Pair Summer Experience in Spain

My time in Spain was amazing and Au Pair Conecta helped to find me a great Family. Totally worth going! I was in Madrid for two and a half months in summer time.
It was hot but wonderful at the same time. It takes you a bit to get used to the different culture ... for example the different times for eating meals like 10pm at night! Really crazy but as I love tapas it´s OK! It was great to be able to really experience the Spanish culture first hand!
My host Family really welcomed me with open arms and we still keep in touch they will always be apart of my life! 

Yessss ... I would do it again and again! Beeing a Summer Au Pair is a great experience. If you decide to be an Au Pair I sugest you to come by an agency. The Au Pair Conecta Team was close to me at any moment and I felt really comfortable!