The 4th of July in USA

Hello Au Pairs! As many of you might know already, yesterday marked an important day of celebration for the United States- the Fourth of July, or American Independence Day! Not only are there celebrations on the 4th, but quite often one can see festivities begin during the weekend prior or even carry on during the rest of the week.

If you're not familiar with this holiday, there's a lot of fun traditions and activities that go on during this day that are worth knowing. It's very common to see, for example, grand spectacles like parades during the day, where local residents in the town or city gather to cheer on floats, cars, groups, and bands that pass by on the streets. Parades are complete with candy, music, and tons of people dressed to the nines in red, white, and blue! Another popular 4th of July event is, of course, fireworks! In the evening, one can often enjoy these colorful, boisterous shows at a local park, or even from their own home.

And we can't forget about the food! On the Fourth of July in the United States, you could expect to eat some classic American foods: hotdogs, hamburgers, grilled chicken, corn on the cob, apple pie, and more! Family gatherings and backyard barbecues are very popular and are a great way to spend time with friends and family.

If you're interested in traveling to the United States as an Au Pair in the near or far future, this just one example of an exciting event you could potentially experience on your great adventure!

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We wish you a wonderful day, and Happy 4th!