Rebecca from Germany in Sevilla

My decision to become an Au Pair in Spain was taken after finishing school in Germany. I wanted to live abroad for some time before starting my university carrer. Au Pair Rebecca 2
My German Au Pair agency placed me in a family in Marbella at the beginning. Unfortunately I wasn´t very happy there and soon I knew that I wanted to change families. Thank God my Agency back home put me in contact with Au Pair Conecta in Seville. They took care of my case and within a couple of days I was placed in a new family. I could trust them 100%, which I am extremly thankful for, otherwise I would have been very lost in this situation. So finally I moved to Seville and enjoyed all the small little streets of this city, walking through the centre, where I lived. I love the little squares, where people gather, the beautiful parks and above all the climate, the light and the colours of Seville. Andalusias capital is full of life and it´s people are very friendly, chatty and caring. Seville and surroundings in general have so much culture to offer, so whoever likes and is interested in the Spanish culture, will surely love it!

The city has a lot of language schools for Spanish courses. Through Au Pair Conecta I heard about Clic, where I finally inscribed and finished my Spanish courses successfully. They have a huge offer for cultural activities, they organize trips and excursions on the weekends, and have weekly get togethers with all their students. Curso de español
Many weekends and also part of the summer I spent at my host families holiday house at the coastline of Cadiz. Quite a lot of the Spanish families in Andalusia have a second residence at the beach. Now this holiday house was always full of different members of my huge Andalusian host family, who I lived with and we had so much fun!!
During my free weekends I did a few trips with friends to get to know more of Spain and it´s neighbour countries. Like this I visited Tarifa, Granada, Madrid, Marbella, Cádiz and Conil de la Frontera. Apart of that I went to Tánger in Maroco and  Lissabon in Portugal.
Nevertheless it is not always easy being an Au Pair. You have to very patient, as I suppose kids who always behave well, don´t exist. But don´t get a fright: all effort is worth it, when you gain a little child´s heart in the end!
I really enjoyed my months in Spain to the maximum and improved my Spanish a lot! I learned so much for life in general, I travelled a lot through my host country and I will miss my Spanish family heaps!!!