Estefania´s testimony from England


Dear Team at Au Pair Conecta!!
I am sending you many greetings from England! Having a great time here! My host-family is absolutely lovely!! They do everything to make me feel at home; my host-mother and the children are very sweet and caring and they also respect very much my privacy and free-time. They generally helped me a lot to integrate and adjust well to British lifestyleAu Pair en Londres: they helped me to pay my language course, they invited me to the London Colliseum to see a Ballett; they gave me a card so public transport would cost me less etc. My boyfriend came to see me, given that I had only 4 days off and couldn´t come down to Spain, and as the family was going away a couple of days (and Hotels in London are really so expensive), they offered us to stay at the house and they invited us to Dinner with the entire family. When my host-mother want skiing in France for some days she came back with a present for me and she always shows so much detail to everything!!
In May I will be going to Spain for 10 days.
The family has told me that they would love me to stay longer and that they are very happy with me as their Au Pair!!
That´s why I will extend my stay until christmas. In September I will fly home to my sister´s wedding and they have already said "we will help you with your ticket, but we really want you to come back and stay with us"!! I am so happy!
It really is the best host-family I could have ever met!!
Sometimes I cook Spanish recipes for them such as Tortilla or Solomillo and they love it. 
As I have told you before, my room is like a little apartment: I have my own TV, DVD, a Sofa, a dressing room, an own bathroon and my own fridge!! it´s really fantastic!! To feel totally at home!! 
I was very lucky.
There are many other Au Pairs in my area, and we do a lot of things together and meet up frequently! Oxted is a very rich place, very close to us lives Mohamed Fayed!!
The photo, which I am sending you, was taken on one of my excusions to London, which is just at a 30 minute trainride!! So I am really well connected as well.
A big hug from the UK,