Au Pair Conecta offers intermediary services and assessment to families and young people who are interested in learning or improving a language from home or by going abroad..


Following you will find a listing of our programs. If you are interested in other services you cannot find on our website, please don´t hesitate to contact us via or over the phone. We will be happy to attend you.

This is a program for cultural exchange. Childcare doesn´t have to break the bank, it can be done in a very economic way. In exchange for accomodation, full board and some pocket money, the Au Pair will take care of your children, help them learn a language and give a hand with smaller household duties. This will offer you more flexibility and tranquility, indendant of the number of children you have.

You can learn and improve your Spanish in a fast, efficient and cost-saving way, while self-financing your stay. It is a reasonalbe way to start off with your life in Spain and study the language exhaustively. You will have time to assist classes at a language school if you wish so. Living with a host-family will give you tranquility and security, as you won´t have to start from cero, looking for a job or a place to stay.

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