Sevilla: Activities to see and do at night

Dear Au Pairs,

In case you're having trouble finding something to do in Sevilla at night, we've given you below many nightly activities to see and do during these summer months. We think some of these might suit you well, especially since the heat finally begins to subside during the evening hours!

Free Summer Movies in the María Luisa Park

  • Where: Parque María Luisa (María Luisa Park) in Sevilla 
  • Every day, beginning this Tuesday, July 4th until Sunday, September 3rd -- there will be 27 movies shown in total!
  • Time: 10:15pm
  • Free entry and free of cost!
  • This weekend, for example, the movies include "Willow," "Esta Casa es una Ruina," and "Angry Birds: The Movie"

Nights in the Real Alcázar Gardens

  • Where: Real Alcázar Gardens 
  • Events will begin starting June 15th and will run weekly until September 9th, at night (see full calender-- there aren't concerts every night)
  • Price: varies according to concert 
  • Concerts/events usually incorporate old classical music, world music, or flamenco music 
  • This week concerts include Tamar Lalo/Daniel Oyarzabal and Ouique Bonal/Kid Carlos, among others

Nights at the Buhaira Palace. Includes theatre events, and concerts with classical music and music of the south.

Summer Movie Nights in Sevilla 

  • Flee from the heat and through the movie screen. Discover one of the best theatres of the summer in the fabulous south and enjoy some great movies while you're there! You'll be sure to make this 2017 vacation one of the most cinematic and entertaining.

We hope you enjoy some of these activities! Have a great week and a great summer.